Building Back Links to Hubs

Hubpages is an online writing platform that allows you to create individual pages known as Hubs, which allow you to generate a residual income online. But in order for you to make money with them, you need to build back links to them so that you can get traffic. You should aim to build at least 10 to 20 links to each hub, and in some cases where the competition is high you may have to build more if you want to get to the top. 구글광고대행

Article Directories

One of the best ways that you can build back links to your hubs is to break your main content down into several smaller articles which you can submit to article directories. This does not mean that you have to write a new article for each back link, but rather you can submit the same article to several directories (about 5), which will get you an immediate 5 back links to one hub. If you write 2 articles you will have 10, and so on, but keep in mind that each article usually allows you to have at least 2 links, so one article can get you as many as 10 back links altogether.

Some of the best article directories are EzineArticles, ArticlesBase, IdeaMarketers, GoArticles and SearchWarp. There are many other directories, and you can write and submit to as many as you like, but if you want to do so, you should re-write your articles with a new title and from a slightly different angle so that your articles will not compete against each other in the search engines.


Xomba is another great site to help you build lots of back links to your Hubs. They allow you to create a bookmark with the URL of your hub, plus you can write and submit articles to them and throw your links within those articles as well. On top of allowing you to build back links, Xomba also allows you to make money with Google AdSense.


RedGage works similar to xomba in the sense that you can create a bookmark page and submit articles, but they do not allow you to make money with AdSense, but instead they pay you for pageviews, along with other cool contests where you can win money.


Digg is one of the best social bookmarking websites online, and you should definitely take advantage of it so that you can obtain lots of traffic. However, the key to Digg is to have lots of friends so that they will help to rank your content up, otherwise you are just wasting your time.

These are just a few ways to get you started, as there are many other sites to help you build high quality back links. The more back links you have, the more traffic you will get, and thus the more money you will make.